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Fees for 1 Student Transportation- $341.00

Fees for 2 or More Student Transportation (Family) $682.00

Non-Resident (Open) Enrolled Families

  • If you live outside the ISD 832 boundary but plan to make use of district transportation services by transporting your child to an established in-district bus stop or in-district daycare. These students may only access existing stops within or near the District's boundaries. Bus routes and stops will not be created out of the district lines.
    • Students who are utilizing bus stops outside, but near the district boundary, that have been approved by the Transportation Department will be charged a fee for service. The fee is a flat rate for all students and does not change because of the number of days transported or for one-way riders. When payment is received,  your child will be routed on a bus. If you are unsure whether your stop will be charged a fee for service, or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact transportation at 651-407-2431.

Single Rider student transportation Fee- $341.00

Family Student Transportation Fee  (2 or more students in a family) $682.00


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